Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pho Rules Everything Around Me

Yesterday was somewhat busy/hectic at work, so i was unable to write an entry. so im gonna mix that in with today's.

Went over to Tire Central in the morning to get my front tires swapped out for a smaller size...i went from 215/45/ 215/40/17. i didnt get to take any shots of the shop the last time i was there (because i forgot) so here is a pic i took while my tires were getting mounted.

Yesterday for lunch i went over to xA Vietnamese Grill in irwindale for some Phoand Spring Rolls. The people that run this place are EXTREMELY kind, and even sometimes give me free food when i go...even if its just a lil cookie, or something else she's baked. i spent about $9 for both the chicken w/beef ball pho and shrimp spring rolls. always remember to have your hoison and sriracha sauce too :P

So this morning is kinda "eh"...sitting in the office, replying to my emails, checking my forums...then all of a sudden the UPS guy walks in with a package for me...i didnt remember ordering anything...until i opened it up and saw THIS!...

Diamond x Raekwon limited edition shirt

I had ordered this damn shirt on the 4th of july! from diamond supply's website, and it came today =/....took forever, but what can i do...the shirt is sick, im a huge wu-tang/raekwon im happy



Shoes of the Day: Nike SB Money Cat lows

Song of the Day: Raekwon - Verbal Intercourse (had to cuz of the shirt! lol)

-Duff...i wear my money on my feet

Monday, July 21, 2008

Jokers Wild, Trendy food and toilet water

This weekend was pretty chill. Bought tickets for The Dark Knight for a Saturday night/Sunday morning showing (1:45am) and it was STILL a sold out showing...but really, what can you expect from a highly anticipated release staring a recently deceased actor playing one of the main roles.

Overall the movie was great, story was entertaining, left room open for another to release. Just the only thing that REALLY bugged me was Christian Bale's voice once he was in the batman was like he turned into darth vader or something. But definitely get out there and see this movie...A+++

Dont you just HATE it when you step in gum? and especially in the beginning of the day, then everywhere you walk, you hear/feel the sticky noise...its so annoying....well luckily, i didnt step in any gum today....but my car wasnt as lucky as me

For lunch today, i went over to Trendy Thai...the inside is just "whatever", kinda plain...but the food is fairly good, and they deliver as well (within 3 miles, with $15 minimum)...but since i wasnt spending that much...i had to go pick it up (around the block literally), i ordered the chicken Pad Se Ew, and "trendy thai" friend rice.

Gotta have my Sriracha sauce :P

So, as i go to the restroom on one of my many "potty breaks" throughout the day, i noticed this contraption next in the corner (that wasnt there on friday)...i figured it was just some thing to save water or something, since i noticed it was hooked up to the toilet AND the sink in there.

..i then walk out into the lobby to see about whats infiltrated my "domain" to find THIS fancy pants, water cooler....i noticed no water jug on top (like your everyday water cooler), so i looked behind to notice the SAME WHITE LINES hooked up to it, as the contraption in the bathroom (thats also hooked up to the toilet and sink).

So i guess this thing is supposed to save us some money compared to our usual water service we were getting. it takes our tap water, filters it...and does 3 things with it....

-heats it for those ramen bowls we know and love so much
-cools it for those blistering hot summer days
-and keeps it at room temp, for just normal drinking

now im just as skeptical as you are at this point...BUT, i bit the bullet, filled up my water mug, and enjoyed some LOVELY, ice cold...toilet water :) i havnt gone into convulsions or died yet (since im posting)...but ill be sure to let u know if im feelin funny from this LOL

Shoes of the Day: Nike SB Lows "Lunars" (eastcoast edition)

Song of the Day: Abstract Rude - YEP!

-Duff.....i sip on toilet water...BALLIN

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thunderdome Thursday

Today was a busy day at work (thats why I'm posting so late). bunch of phone calls, people coming in to pick up parts.

Went over to Albertos today...grabbed myself a SUPER NACHO w/carne asada...cost was $7 n change, but be sure to bring cash or else you're forced to pull money out of the ATM with a $2 charge (gay)...I wish I had gone with my usual choice (chicken quesadilla) but SOMEONE *cough jessica cough* teased with a pic of her super nacho earlier making me want one. It was good, just the chips were a lil "burnt"

^^YES...omg is right

Tonight is the VRT thursday night meet over at
The Village Plaza. starts around 9pm...goes till whenever really, come out if you're in the area, there's Chipotle, Golden Spoon, In n Out, El Pollo Loco in the plaza for some food.

Shoes of the day: Robert Williams (not the actor) Vans Chukkas

Song of the day: Atmosphere - God's Bathroom Floor

-Duff.....paint that shit GOLD

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

what up wednesday

Not much going on today...the week is 1/2 way over (thank god). I went over to WASABI for lunch, grabbed a dragon roll and some teriyaki chicken n rice for about $10 n change. Rolls are lil smaller than the other place I go to, but its a larger portions.

Thinking about going over to the Apple store after work to get a case for my iPhone, I'm really worried about dropping it and breaking it into a million pieces (because im clumsy like that). There's a few I'm checking out, but I guess we'll just wait and see which one I end up with lol.

Shoes of the day: Nike SB Low Boca Jrs.

Song of the Day: Common ft DJ Premiere - The Game it to win it

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Today hasn't been the best for me, woke up when i was supposed to BE at work, and just other things going on that aren't making me the happiest person today...BUT thats life, so the thing is to just deal with it, and hope for the best outcome.

so yesterday I went to lunch at Weinerschnitzel...the first time I had eaten there in prolly 10 years...I took like 5-6 pictures, but I accidently deleted them from my iPhone thinking I had already uploaded them on my computer (which I didnt). Try their PB&J "Freezee" the peanut butter is made from crushed Nutter Butters.

So I thought with all that stuff missing (pics) id give you a lil "tour" of my container shipment (40ft long container) all filled with ABS plastic lips

this is the "storage/packing area"...its actually REALLY clean right now for some reason lol

Oh that? thats just a RHD K24 civic...its for sale by the way ::hint hint::

This is the best part of the tour, this is my personal Battle Station, where I conduct my daily business like posting this blog for instance, answering calls, placing orders, talking to everyone on AIM and forums....yes I know the monitor is from the stoneage, but give me a boss's are cheap.

Shoes of the Day: Nike SB Lows "Newcastle's" that jessica got me for father's day :)

Song of the Day: Born Jamericans - Send you my Love


Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Walkthrough

So on friday, I was lucky enough to pick up a new 3G iPhone, thanks to Jessica and my little sister waiting in line until I was able to make it down there. I gotta say out of all the phones I've EVER used or purchased, this is the best by far, that's prolly not saying a lot since im sure there are other phones out there that are better...but you get my drift. It does everything I need it to do AND more...A+ indeed lol

So Saturday, most of the day was spent getting the s14 ready for the track, headed over to Tire Central in San Gabriel...I've been going here for almost 2 years now for my tires, and I gotta say, nowhere else has been able to touch his prices that he gives me. For example, I paid $119 after tax (only I used my card) for 2 Federal 595s in 215/45/17 for $100 mounted and balanced, and they even rotated my rear tires for me as well. So be sure to give them a call and tell them DUFFMAN sent you lol

After tires, it was over to FAST Autoworks in Arcadia to make some camber adjustments to my car, top off all my fluids, and just make sure everything was in order for the track. I've been going here for about 5 years now, and havn't had the need to go anywhere else for whatever I need....they handle everything from oil changes and brake pads...all the way up to full motorswaps and turbo set ups. If you need anything taken care of, give them a call and ask for Tuan or Kevin.

was a pain in the ASS, got there on time, no problems with the trailer or driving up, but after about 30min into the practice session, my wheel had rubbed through the main harness in the driver side fender, causing the ignition fuse to blow (as well as a few others). So off came the wheel, fender, bumper...and I went to town repairing the harness and re-tucking it up on the frame rail to keep it from happenening again. Jessica ran down to Autozone for me to get me electrical tape and the fuses I needed (thanks! =D).

I got everything back together in time for the competition. BUT, into my second run, the wheel caught the hood cable, and ripped it out of my fender. at that point, I called it a day, packed up the truck, threw the car back on the trailer...and headed home.

here's the ONLY picture that I found from yesterday, since I wasnt able to get that much track time

If you happen to go to 7-11...pick up their new metal straws (yes, i said metal), they only go for $1 and keep your drink colder, here's a lil "test run" I did this morning with my Arizona.

Shoes of the day: Rainbow dunk lows....just some beaters, since I wasn't really in the mood to put much "effort" in today

Song of the day: Mos Def & DJ Honda - Travelin' Man

-Duff...sundburned extra crispy original recipe

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Convenient Comfort

The day started off great, Chloe was in a good mood this morning, new iPhone on my mind for tomorrow, track day coming up on all this was on my mind, putting me in a good mood...BUT lo and behold, the Lord has kicked me in the balls once again. As I'm just about to walk out the door for work, I notice that I can't find my keys!! >_< well turns out, I left them in Jessica's purse yesterday because we had dropped off the s14 etc etc...

So I made a phone call, and had my mom come and pick me up to take me to work (cute I know). While waiting for her, I noticed the Wii was still on, turned to the channel it plays on and BAM!...Guitar Hero was still on from last night, so I ended up playing about 4 songs until she got there.

Thinking about how I wasn't going to have a car for the day, I had her stop off at the "JDM Convenience store" for something to drink and snack on. (finally some pics Ty!)

The place looks smaller than what it really is, just didnt really get to take many pics since the isles in the middle were filled with boxes (they were restocking the shelves).

Last night I went running around looking for a phone charger for a Samsung T429 (long story)...but needless to say, I didnt find one...and at some point in the night, I found myself at LIFE PLAZA trying to find a charger. I seriously think that EVERY city has one of these fuckin plazas (same name too) lol. If you're into pointless "cute" crap that you wanna stick all over your room or car or office...this is the place to go

Shoes of the day: Nike Air Assault lows

Song of the day (shout out to NC) lol: Little Brother - Lovin' It

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

weaksauce wednesday

So the weekend is ALMOST here, but not quite...for some reason I thought it was thursday, but my week hasnt been THAT good to me lol. Jessica's taking theTSX in today to get that Alpine EX10 installed (from 4th of july weekend posting). So once thats all taken care of and installed, show you guys how it turned out.

so someone suggested that I talk about this, just because he thought it was hilarious (David), and deserved to be shared. a couple of months ago, I was in the drive thru at the local mcdonalds grabbin something to drink and snack on (this was like 11:30pm), I pull up to the speaker, place my order...and as I drive around the curve....I spy THIS nonsense.

YUP!....2 hispanic guys walking through the "DRIVE-THRU", I almost DIED laughing, when it came to my turn, I asked the lady at the window if that happens a lot, she said it did since they close the dining room area early, so they cater to people that walk through. Ronald McDonald would frown upon this...tsk tsk

I'd like to take this space right here, to give a lil Birthday shout out to Ernie aka McLovin aka Poop aka Chumpmaster Flex, He's FINALLY 21, no more sittin on the curb with a here's a lil embarassing picture of him (and me)...but who cares, its all in good fun.....happy birthday homie, as some or many of you that know me personally, you know that I love shoes, Jessica and I have a fairly large selection of shoes (mostly NIKE)...someone suggested I try this out on here, so I figured why not since I will be posting more shoes/clothing that I pick up throughout this.

Today's shoes...."J Packs" (Jordan 3 Dunk Lows)

Played some Guitar Hero 3 last night, and it reminded me how much I like this song, so its making todays "Song of the Day"

Santana - Black Magic Woman

thats it for now.....

-Black Magic Duff (lol)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


for some reason I couldn't fall asleep last night until almost 2am. So you can imagine how tired I was when coming to work, so I stopped off at AM/PM this morning (no jdm convenience store today Ty, sorry lol) and grabbed one of these bad boys....MONSTER "BFC" which by the size, (32oz) i'm sure you can figure out what it stands for.

ahhh, breakfast of champions (iPod used for size comparison)

My liver really hates me after one of these, and considering ive already gone to the bathroom like 3 times and just NOW finished the can at 1:15pm (I start at 10am).

With the 626 Drift event coming up this sunday, parts arrived..compliments of my boss....TC Sportline BFS (like BFC, lol) "Big Fucking Spacers" (25mm or 1inch) to be exact. I'll prolly throw them on today when I get outta work.

And if you're bored at work, here's a game for you to play, its fun (i think), addicting, and environmentally safe, since you're not using actual paper...and if you get frustrated with it, you can thank this asshole named PHLIP for linking me to it. ill give you his phone number to send your complaints in lol (jk)...THROW PAPER <-click for game

Song of the day: Asher Roth - Dey Know Asher

"muggles be puzzled by my wizzardry"


Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Weekend

Well its "Munday", and you all know what that means....back to the daily grind. The weekend was fun, spent time with family, jessica and friends.

Friday we just spent most of the day getting ready for the BBQ at my parent's house in Arcadia. My dad gave me a call, and we headed over to my uncle's fireworks booth in Alhambra.

Chloe jacked grandpa's water bottle :P

My dad (right) and uncle (left) shootin the shit like they always do

nothing better than a box full of fireworks that's almost as tall as you lol

After getting fireworks and the meat for the BBQ, we headed over to my parent's house and relaxed and watched "Hamburger Heaven" on the Travel Channel...they had this thing where you could text in messages that scrolled across the bottom of the screen, apparently, I rock Jessica's world

(here is where ill add the pics of the BBQ and Fireworks, but since I forgot the SD reader for the other camera, I can't upload the pics)

After a long night of running around and watching fireworks, Chloe finally knocked out watching her Dora the Explorer DVD.

Saturday consisted mostly of trying to get an Alpine EX10 installed in the TSX (which didn't happen). So its gonna get done on Wednesday (hopefully lol). After all that was somewhat sorted out, me and Jessica had lunch at Chipotle in Pasadena, and walked over to Gamestop in the same parking lot and picked up Guitar Hero Aerosmith. took this pic while playing "Walk This Way ft RUN DMC"

After relaxing and playing GH, we met up with Gus and Shannon to go see Get Smart

Went to Denny's for some grub afterwards. Me and Gus both ordered the Denny's Slamburger, which is a cheeseburger topped w/hashbrowns and egg (cooked to order).

This burger is no joke, as you can tell by the look on Gus's face....maybe you shouldn't have ordered your eggs over-easy hahaha

Sunday was nothing special, just laundry day (thanks to Jessica) with the help of Chloe and her Red Vine

pretty much it for now until I get that SD card reader later, and upload the rest of the pics. oh and btw, im gonna try to add a song of the day, because uhm..well why not bitch!?

today's song is "Pete Rock & CL Smooth - T.R.O.Y"