Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July Weekend

Well its "Munday", and you all know what that means....back to the daily grind. The weekend was fun, spent time with family, jessica and friends.

Friday we just spent most of the day getting ready for the BBQ at my parent's house in Arcadia. My dad gave me a call, and we headed over to my uncle's fireworks booth in Alhambra.

Chloe jacked grandpa's water bottle :P

My dad (right) and uncle (left) shootin the shit like they always do

nothing better than a box full of fireworks that's almost as tall as you lol

After getting fireworks and the meat for the BBQ, we headed over to my parent's house and relaxed and watched "Hamburger Heaven" on the Travel Channel...they had this thing where you could text in messages that scrolled across the bottom of the screen, apparently, I rock Jessica's world

(here is where ill add the pics of the BBQ and Fireworks, but since I forgot the SD reader for the other camera, I can't upload the pics)

After a long night of running around and watching fireworks, Chloe finally knocked out watching her Dora the Explorer DVD.

Saturday consisted mostly of trying to get an Alpine EX10 installed in the TSX (which didn't happen). So its gonna get done on Wednesday (hopefully lol). After all that was somewhat sorted out, me and Jessica had lunch at Chipotle in Pasadena, and walked over to Gamestop in the same parking lot and picked up Guitar Hero Aerosmith. took this pic while playing "Walk This Way ft RUN DMC"

After relaxing and playing GH, we met up with Gus and Shannon to go see Get Smart

Went to Denny's for some grub afterwards. Me and Gus both ordered the Denny's Slamburger, which is a cheeseburger topped w/hashbrowns and egg (cooked to order).

This burger is no joke, as you can tell by the look on Gus's face....maybe you shouldn't have ordered your eggs over-easy hahaha

Sunday was nothing special, just laundry day (thanks to Jessica) with the help of Chloe and her Red Vine

pretty much it for now until I get that SD card reader later, and upload the rest of the pics. oh and btw, im gonna try to add a song of the day, because uhm..well why not bitch!?

today's song is "Pete Rock & CL Smooth - T.R.O.Y"



crashedhope said...

hahahaha this weekend rocked.

and that is seriously the best picture of Gus ever! mwahahah. =D

oh, and I see my ear!! ;)

Ray Chong Chen said...

cool x blog.

blazer supremes.

tyroniuss said...

zomg your uncle has a fireworks stand!!!

chloe getting big! rockin dunks and stuff =D

nice update

DUFFM4N said...

haha fuck you ray....quit teasing me with those =[