Tuesday, July 8, 2008


for some reason I couldn't fall asleep last night until almost 2am. So you can imagine how tired I was when coming to work, so I stopped off at AM/PM this morning (no jdm convenience store today Ty, sorry lol) and grabbed one of these bad boys....MONSTER "BFC" which by the size, (32oz) i'm sure you can figure out what it stands for.

ahhh, breakfast of champions (iPod used for size comparison)

My liver really hates me after one of these, and considering ive already gone to the bathroom like 3 times and just NOW finished the can at 1:15pm (I start at 10am).

With the 626 Drift event coming up this sunday, parts arrived..compliments of my boss....TC Sportline BFS (like BFC, lol) "Big Fucking Spacers" (25mm or 1inch) to be exact. I'll prolly throw them on today when I get outta work.

And if you're bored at work, here's a game for you to play, its fun (i think), addicting, and environmentally safe, since you're not using actual paper...and if you get frustrated with it, you can thank this asshole named PHLIP for linking me to it. ill give you his phone number to send your complaints in lol (jk)...THROW PAPER <-click for game

Song of the day: Asher Roth - Dey Know Asher

"muggles be puzzled by my wizzardry"



tyroniuss said...

damn that drink is borderline against the law haha!

i need to see this jdm store asap.

jdm minimart meet?

VivaLaYessica said...

lol jdm minimart meet...

the parking lot is the size of the store...