Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Today hasn't been the best for me, woke up when i was supposed to BE at work, and just other things going on that aren't making me the happiest person today...BUT thats life, so the thing is to just deal with it, and hope for the best outcome.

so yesterday I went to lunch at Weinerschnitzel...the first time I had eaten there in prolly 10 years...I took like 5-6 pictures, but I accidently deleted them from my iPhone thinking I had already uploaded them on my computer (which I didnt). Try their PB&J "Freezee" the peanut butter is made from crushed Nutter Butters.

So I thought with all that stuff missing (pics) id give you a lil "tour" of my work...new container shipment (40ft long container) all filled with ABS plastic lips

this is the "storage/packing area"...its actually REALLY clean right now for some reason lol

Oh that? thats just a RHD K24 civic...its for sale by the way ::hint hint::

This is the best part of the tour, this is my personal Battle Station, where I conduct my daily business like posting this blog for instance, answering calls, placing orders, talking to everyone on AIM and forums....yes I know the monitor is from the stoneage, but give me a break...my boss's are cheap.

Shoes of the Day: Nike SB Lows "Newcastle's" that jessica got me for father's day :)

Song of the Day: Born Jamericans - Send you my Love


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