Thursday, July 10, 2008

Convenient Comfort

The day started off great, Chloe was in a good mood this morning, new iPhone on my mind for tomorrow, track day coming up on all this was on my mind, putting me in a good mood...BUT lo and behold, the Lord has kicked me in the balls once again. As I'm just about to walk out the door for work, I notice that I can't find my keys!! >_< well turns out, I left them in Jessica's purse yesterday because we had dropped off the s14 etc etc...

So I made a phone call, and had my mom come and pick me up to take me to work (cute I know). While waiting for her, I noticed the Wii was still on, turned to the channel it plays on and BAM!...Guitar Hero was still on from last night, so I ended up playing about 4 songs until she got there.

Thinking about how I wasn't going to have a car for the day, I had her stop off at the "JDM Convenience store" for something to drink and snack on. (finally some pics Ty!)

The place looks smaller than what it really is, just didnt really get to take many pics since the isles in the middle were filled with boxes (they were restocking the shelves).

Last night I went running around looking for a phone charger for a Samsung T429 (long story)...but needless to say, I didnt find one...and at some point in the night, I found myself at LIFE PLAZA trying to find a charger. I seriously think that EVERY city has one of these fuckin plazas (same name too) lol. If you're into pointless "cute" crap that you wanna stick all over your room or car or office...this is the place to go

Shoes of the day: Nike Air Assault lows

Song of the day (shout out to NC) lol: Little Brother - Lovin' It


VivaLaYessica said...

omg haha this post really made me sorry ur keys are in my purse :(

and that i you had to run all over the place for me last night...

i love you though!

Ray Chong Chen said...

you need to try Super Supao. Trust.

I love you too.

tyroniuss said...

thanks for the tour , now i need to go in RL.

crashedhope said...

correction: every city except for the SF Valley. We have ONE [Korean] market that I know of that sells absolutely no novelty trinkets.

its lame.