Thursday, July 3, 2008

"JDM" Trinkets and Treats

So I started off my day with the usual watching my daughter (Chloe) in the morning before leaving for work. I left the house around 9:30am and decided to head over to the "JDM Convienience Store" (as its been called by a few friends) over there on the corner of Baldwin Ave/Arcadia Ave, just north of Duarte Rd in the city of Arcadia (incase you wanted to stop by).

I forgot to take some pictures once inside, but just picture walking in and seeing almost EVERY Japanese soft drink, snack, and candy that you can think of. Now I didn't get to spend too much time inside to look around and decide what I wanted to try today (I had to get to work), so I stuck to my usual selection, Mango flavored Calpico (50oz) for like $3.99 and a smoked chicken triangle rice ball for $1.40.

Around 12:30pm. I got a little package delivered via DHL from and opened it up to find these...

Nintendo "1UPs"
Basically you remove the mushroom from the pole inside the pot, fill the pot with soil, and place the mushroom back on its mounting pole to give the illusion that you grew your very own "1UP"'s a sample pic taken

Cost was $9.99 each (I got 2) + shipped, if you wanna purchase one, just CLICK HERE

Rest of my plans for today are to leave work around 4pm to go meet Jessica (my girlfriend) at ACTIVE Rideshop in San Dimas (then possibly Rancho ACTIVE) to take advantage of the 50% off sale they have going on right now.

Oh!, before I forget, please excuse my "sidekick pics", they're just temporary for now until this weekend, I plan to pick up a Canon Powershot S2is from my buddy David. So once i pick that up, then no more crappy pics.

....thats it for now


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tyroniuss said...

1up plant pwns.

i need visuals on the actual store buddy, jealous that you guys had actual kwik e marts and now the jdm market.