Monday, July 21, 2008

Jokers Wild, Trendy food and toilet water

This weekend was pretty chill. Bought tickets for The Dark Knight for a Saturday night/Sunday morning showing (1:45am) and it was STILL a sold out showing...but really, what can you expect from a highly anticipated release staring a recently deceased actor playing one of the main roles.

Overall the movie was great, story was entertaining, left room open for another to release. Just the only thing that REALLY bugged me was Christian Bale's voice once he was in the batman was like he turned into darth vader or something. But definitely get out there and see this movie...A+++

Dont you just HATE it when you step in gum? and especially in the beginning of the day, then everywhere you walk, you hear/feel the sticky noise...its so annoying....well luckily, i didnt step in any gum today....but my car wasnt as lucky as me

For lunch today, i went over to Trendy Thai...the inside is just "whatever", kinda plain...but the food is fairly good, and they deliver as well (within 3 miles, with $15 minimum)...but since i wasnt spending that much...i had to go pick it up (around the block literally), i ordered the chicken Pad Se Ew, and "trendy thai" friend rice.

Gotta have my Sriracha sauce :P

So, as i go to the restroom on one of my many "potty breaks" throughout the day, i noticed this contraption next in the corner (that wasnt there on friday)...i figured it was just some thing to save water or something, since i noticed it was hooked up to the toilet AND the sink in there.

..i then walk out into the lobby to see about whats infiltrated my "domain" to find THIS fancy pants, water cooler....i noticed no water jug on top (like your everyday water cooler), so i looked behind to notice the SAME WHITE LINES hooked up to it, as the contraption in the bathroom (thats also hooked up to the toilet and sink).

So i guess this thing is supposed to save us some money compared to our usual water service we were getting. it takes our tap water, filters it...and does 3 things with it....

-heats it for those ramen bowls we know and love so much
-cools it for those blistering hot summer days
-and keeps it at room temp, for just normal drinking

now im just as skeptical as you are at this point...BUT, i bit the bullet, filled up my water mug, and enjoyed some LOVELY, ice cold...toilet water :) i havnt gone into convulsions or died yet (since im posting)...but ill be sure to let u know if im feelin funny from this LOL

Shoes of the Day: Nike SB Lows "Lunars" (eastcoast edition)

Song of the Day: Abstract Rude - YEP!

-Duff.....i sip on toilet water...BALLIN

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delusionownzyou said...

I would also find it a bit strange to see the filter for the water in the bathroom LOL

I didn't like Christen Bales voice in the first batman either when he put on the bat suit