Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pho Rules Everything Around Me

Yesterday was somewhat busy/hectic at work, so i was unable to write an entry. so im gonna mix that in with today's.

Went over to Tire Central in the morning to get my front tires swapped out for a smaller size...i went from 215/45/ 215/40/17. i didnt get to take any shots of the shop the last time i was there (because i forgot) so here is a pic i took while my tires were getting mounted.

Yesterday for lunch i went over to xA Vietnamese Grill in irwindale for some Phoand Spring Rolls. The people that run this place are EXTREMELY kind, and even sometimes give me free food when i go...even if its just a lil cookie, or something else she's baked. i spent about $9 for both the chicken w/beef ball pho and shrimp spring rolls. always remember to have your hoison and sriracha sauce too :P

So this morning is kinda "eh"...sitting in the office, replying to my emails, checking my forums...then all of a sudden the UPS guy walks in with a package for me...i didnt remember ordering anything...until i opened it up and saw THIS!...

Diamond x Raekwon limited edition shirt

I had ordered this damn shirt on the 4th of july! from diamond supply's website, and it came today =/....took forever, but what can i do...the shirt is sick, im a huge wu-tang/raekwon im happy



Shoes of the Day: Nike SB Money Cat lows

Song of the Day: Raekwon - Verbal Intercourse (had to cuz of the shirt! lol)

-Duff...i wear my money on my feet

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