Friday, July 4, 2008

Sushi and ACTIVE

Yesterday for lunch at work, I headed over to California Sushi. Out of the 3 sushi places in the area around work, it's prolly the best, decently priced food and good atmosphere, and they have Asahi, Kirin and Dos Equis on tap, as well as a good sized drink selection.

I ordered the teriyaki bowl and hawaiian roll with a watermelon arizona ice cost was about $12 for everything, which isn't bad considering the serving size.

After work I headed over to Active in San Dimas and met up with Jessica. They were having a 50% off all clothing in the store. Picked up 2 pairs of Active Churchill jeans and 2 Hundreds T-shirts for $90 after tax (good deal I think).

They still have the sale going on from 4th-6th but its only 60% off all Active brand clothing, if you don't have the time to make it down to a store location, no worries, because their sale has made it's way onto their webstore, ACTIVE MAILORDER just be sure to use the sale code "SUPERSALE" when checking out.

Once done with all the craziness at Active, it was back to my parents house to pick up our daughter Chloe, and eat dinner. After dinner, my parents neighbor brought over their daughter's new english bulldog "maribel"....she's a cutie

once she gets a lil older, we're gonna see about mating her with my english bulldog Meatball...

...well that's it for now, will probably update on monday with activities from tonight (fireworks) and anything else that goes on, until then...enjoy your 3 day weekend, I know I will!!!


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crashedhope said...

awwwe mini meatballs! lol.

hi eddie!!! =P