Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thunderdome Thursday

Today was a busy day at work (thats why I'm posting so late). bunch of phone calls, people coming in to pick up parts.

Went over to Albertos today...grabbed myself a SUPER NACHO w/carne asada...cost was $7 n change, but be sure to bring cash or else you're forced to pull money out of the ATM with a $2 charge (gay)...I wish I had gone with my usual choice (chicken quesadilla) but SOMEONE *cough jessica cough* teased with a pic of her super nacho earlier making me want one. It was good, just the chips were a lil "burnt"

^^YES...omg is right

Tonight is the VRT thursday night meet over at
The Village Plaza. starts around 9pm...goes till whenever really, come out if you're in the area, there's Chipotle, Golden Spoon, In n Out, El Pollo Loco in the plaza for some food.

Shoes of the day: Robert Williams (not the actor) Vans Chukkas

Song of the day: Atmosphere - God's Bathroom Floor

-Duff.....paint that shit GOLD

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