Wednesday, July 9, 2008

weaksauce wednesday

So the weekend is ALMOST here, but not quite...for some reason I thought it was thursday, but my week hasnt been THAT good to me lol. Jessica's taking theTSX in today to get that Alpine EX10 installed (from 4th of july weekend posting). So once thats all taken care of and installed, show you guys how it turned out.

so someone suggested that I talk about this, just because he thought it was hilarious (David), and deserved to be shared. a couple of months ago, I was in the drive thru at the local mcdonalds grabbin something to drink and snack on (this was like 11:30pm), I pull up to the speaker, place my order...and as I drive around the curve....I spy THIS nonsense.

YUP!....2 hispanic guys walking through the "DRIVE-THRU", I almost DIED laughing, when it came to my turn, I asked the lady at the window if that happens a lot, she said it did since they close the dining room area early, so they cater to people that walk through. Ronald McDonald would frown upon this...tsk tsk

I'd like to take this space right here, to give a lil Birthday shout out to Ernie aka McLovin aka Poop aka Chumpmaster Flex, He's FINALLY 21, no more sittin on the curb with a here's a lil embarassing picture of him (and me)...but who cares, its all in good fun.....happy birthday homie, as some or many of you that know me personally, you know that I love shoes, Jessica and I have a fairly large selection of shoes (mostly NIKE)...someone suggested I try this out on here, so I figured why not since I will be posting more shoes/clothing that I pick up throughout this.

Today's shoes...."J Packs" (Jordan 3 Dunk Lows)

Played some Guitar Hero 3 last night, and it reminded me how much I like this song, so its making todays "Song of the Day"

Santana - Black Magic Woman

thats it for now.....

-Black Magic Duff (lol)


Ray Chong Chen said...

always kinda felt like i slept on those jordunk 3's. and the jordunk 9's, well all of em pretty much.

tyroniuss said...

i wonder how the drive thru system "senses" people there, cause they never sensed my crx before.