Monday, July 14, 2008

Weekend Walkthrough

So on friday, I was lucky enough to pick up a new 3G iPhone, thanks to Jessica and my little sister waiting in line until I was able to make it down there. I gotta say out of all the phones I've EVER used or purchased, this is the best by far, that's prolly not saying a lot since im sure there are other phones out there that are better...but you get my drift. It does everything I need it to do AND more...A+ indeed lol

So Saturday, most of the day was spent getting the s14 ready for the track, headed over to Tire Central in San Gabriel...I've been going here for almost 2 years now for my tires, and I gotta say, nowhere else has been able to touch his prices that he gives me. For example, I paid $119 after tax (only I used my card) for 2 Federal 595s in 215/45/17 for $100 mounted and balanced, and they even rotated my rear tires for me as well. So be sure to give them a call and tell them DUFFMAN sent you lol

After tires, it was over to FAST Autoworks in Arcadia to make some camber adjustments to my car, top off all my fluids, and just make sure everything was in order for the track. I've been going here for about 5 years now, and havn't had the need to go anywhere else for whatever I need....they handle everything from oil changes and brake pads...all the way up to full motorswaps and turbo set ups. If you need anything taken care of, give them a call and ask for Tuan or Kevin.

was a pain in the ASS, got there on time, no problems with the trailer or driving up, but after about 30min into the practice session, my wheel had rubbed through the main harness in the driver side fender, causing the ignition fuse to blow (as well as a few others). So off came the wheel, fender, bumper...and I went to town repairing the harness and re-tucking it up on the frame rail to keep it from happenening again. Jessica ran down to Autozone for me to get me electrical tape and the fuses I needed (thanks! =D).

I got everything back together in time for the competition. BUT, into my second run, the wheel caught the hood cable, and ripped it out of my fender. at that point, I called it a day, packed up the truck, threw the car back on the trailer...and headed home.

here's the ONLY picture that I found from yesterday, since I wasnt able to get that much track time

If you happen to go to 7-11...pick up their new metal straws (yes, i said metal), they only go for $1 and keep your drink colder, here's a lil "test run" I did this morning with my Arizona.

Shoes of the day: Rainbow dunk lows....just some beaters, since I wasn't really in the mood to put much "effort" in today

Song of the day: Mos Def & DJ Honda - Travelin' Man

-Duff...sundburned extra crispy original recipe

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Wayne Thomas Edwards said...

lol man that engine harness shit is the funniest ever. Happens to so many people.