Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ed the Builder?

So, my commute home isnt that bad...still getting home around the same time as usual (before 7pm)...and im not sitting in traffic either, which is nice...so we'll see how it goes after a full week of commuting back and forth, but so far, so good.


Last night after work, came home to a nice spaghetti dinner (thanks jessica!) and then got to work on putting together a computer desk...now, this is where things went SO WRONG lol...on sunday, i had taken out the instructions because i thought about putting it together since i had the free time...looked at the instructions and realized i didnt have the tools needed.

So i said fuck it, put the instructions on the dinning room table, and waited until i could pick up my smaller took kit from my parents house...Now, with tool kit in hand, i get home ready to put this thing together...and realize, the instructions are GONE, somehow they got accidently thrown away and taken out to the dumpster (by me)...i go back out there to see if i can recover them, only to find that 500 other people decided to throw trash away RIGHT after me (so no instructions).

this is what i started with (just a picture to go by)

Got a lil help from Chloe (more hugs, kisses, and tickles, than help...but still help)

and here is the final result...couldnt figure out how some things attached to other pieces with the fasteners that were in the packaging...im thinking there was some stuff missing or maybe i was supposed to pick up some stuff, but this still works until i can figure it out later.

My special edition "Violent Running Tribe" Monitor :P

Bob Marley head approves (got him from our vacation to Jamaica last year)

Shoes of the Day: Nike Cortez (keep it OG)

Song of the Day: Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass

this song/video is dope...all the artwork is done by Jeremy Fish

-Duff....i hate IKEA furniture :P

Monday, August 11, 2008

Moooooooovin on UP!

VERY busy week going on (thats why no updates)...but now that its somewhat settled down...ill be posting more often (i hope). So this week we've been "shopping" around for places to live, just to get an idea of what we would be paying, and the size we would be looking for. Once going around to different places, we realized that we could move a lot sooner than we thought.

We ended up finding a place out in Ontario, which was a little farther than i wanted to move to, but once in there...its perfect for us. Quick little break down of the place....gated community, 2 bed 1 bath, walk in closet, patio area, pool, tennis court, gym and a few other things im forgetting, but here are some of the pics.

U-Haul "shelf" filled with shoes (not even all of them)

Walk in closet in the master bedroom...still got more stuff to hang up in there, on either side

Living room...temporary TV for now..sectional couch all set up :P (and patio area out the sliding door)

Kitchen and Laundry/Storage Room (behind the door)

I'll post more pics later once the rest of the stuff is set up and everything is unpacked and put away...there's still some things i have to finish doing:

-2 TV stands need to be put together
-Computer desk and computer need to be set up
-rest of our clothes have to be hung up
-washer and dryer being delivered saturday

...i think thats all thats left to be done

So saturday i went over to David's house to watch UFC...but on the way there on the 10fwy...i caught this del sol with this FAIL rollbar in it...both him and his passenger were taller than the bar...so FUCKING pointless

Breakfast of Champions? jealous? you should be, because ive got my limited edition jagged edged krusty-O toy...and some Buzz Cola to wash it down, lol :P

But this is what i really ate for breakfast this morning...Honey Bunches of Oats (yeah im an old man at heart)...but check out that BALLIN cereal dispenser :P

Shoes of the Day: 1st Edition Paul Rodriguez (P.Rods)

Song of the Day: Ice Cube - today was a good day

-Duff....."freakin niggas everyway like MJ"

Monday, August 4, 2008

Eibach Summer Nights

Saturday afternoon consisted of washing the s14, and getting ready to head out to Corona for the NWP4LIFE Summer Nights meet at Eibach Springs. As always, turnout was fairly large, and these events always seem to bring out some of Southern California's best.

Overall I gotta say I had a fun time, seeing old and new faces...just relaxing and talking with good friends, I always enjoy attending this. and Congrats to Ron (Kady's dad) for taking home "Best of Show" with his IMMACULATE '61 VW Ragtop Beetle...Here are a few pics from the event, courtesy of David Lira (once again).

Kady's Civic Si sitting on Work Rozest SS01s

My S14 sitting on Work VS-XX

My buddy Ty was dog sitting this cute french bulldog Mitchy

i got caught slippin...makin a funny face

Ron's "Best of Show" '61 VW Ragtop Beetle

After the meet, I headed home to drop off the s14, then back out to Rancho in the TSX to meet up with everyone for dinner and drinks over at Boston's in Ontario. Ended up staying till about 1am drinking and just talking/laughing about shit...goodtimes for sure..."there WAS a Gummi Bear cartoon show...ill fuckin prove it!" hahaha

Shoes of the Day: Nike SB "Griptape" Mids (im lazy)

Song of the Day: Murs ft 9th Wonder - Murray's Revenge


Friday, August 1, 2008

Its Been A While

Busy week...well, not really...but for some reason its made me lazy to post any new updates. hopefully ill have some better content next week for the people that do regularly check up on this, so they arent crying for an update (lol ray)...

Sunday, met up with some friends for a cruise up Azusa Canyon and GMR....but before we headed out, we had to get "warmed up" and what better way then with some tandem donuts? LOL, here are a couple pics of Vinh and I having a lil fun...

DUFF Blog's guest photographer for this "event" is David Lira.

We ended up stopping up a little past East Fork, to eat lunch and relax by a lil creek that runs through the canyon...it was relaxing, A LOT of people go down there...and i gotta admit, seeing the people down there with their tents and grills, made me wanna go camping since i cant remember the last time ive even been....(no pics sorry)

Left the creek area and headed back down to East Fork to cross over to GMR, took that up to the top where you can cross over to Mount Baldy and stopped to let our brakes and motors cool down, David was able to snap this cool pic of us just chillin.

from left to right:
Vinh, Gus, Me, Marco, Daniel

It was cool just standing up there and being able to look over everything, feel the nice cool breeze, and get away from the busy city, traffic, people bitching.

The Little Things That Make a Difference:
Dont you just love those little things that happen to better the quality of your day? for instance, the other day...i grabbed some shorts outta the drawer...shook em out, put my hands in the pockets to "unbunch" them and found $2...sure its not a fortune...but it was one of those things that just puts a smile on your face

Ive got a job interview today at 5PM at another company...im not gonna say WHERE just yet, because i dont wanna jynx myself...so lets hope that goes well today

Shoes of the Day: Nike SB "Griptape" Mids

Song of the Day: Asher Roth - A Millie (remix)

-Duff....a million here, a million there