Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ed the Builder?

So, my commute home isnt that bad...still getting home around the same time as usual (before 7pm)...and im not sitting in traffic either, which is nice...so we'll see how it goes after a full week of commuting back and forth, but so far, so good.


Last night after work, came home to a nice spaghetti dinner (thanks jessica!) and then got to work on putting together a computer desk...now, this is where things went SO WRONG lol...on sunday, i had taken out the instructions because i thought about putting it together since i had the free time...looked at the instructions and realized i didnt have the tools needed.

So i said fuck it, put the instructions on the dinning room table, and waited until i could pick up my smaller took kit from my parents house...Now, with tool kit in hand, i get home ready to put this thing together...and realize, the instructions are GONE, somehow they got accidently thrown away and taken out to the dumpster (by me)...i go back out there to see if i can recover them, only to find that 500 other people decided to throw trash away RIGHT after me (so no instructions).

this is what i started with (just a picture to go by)

Got a lil help from Chloe (more hugs, kisses, and tickles, than help...but still help)

and here is the final result...couldnt figure out how some things attached to other pieces with the fasteners that were in the packaging...im thinking there was some stuff missing or maybe i was supposed to pick up some stuff, but this still works until i can figure it out later.

My special edition "Violent Running Tribe" Monitor :P

Bob Marley head approves (got him from our vacation to Jamaica last year)

Shoes of the Day: Nike Cortez (keep it OG)

Song of the Day: Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass

this song/video is dope...all the artwork is done by Jeremy Fish

-Duff....i hate IKEA furniture :P


crashedhope said...

hahaha we're going to ikea on sunday!

delusionownzyou said...

That doesn't look like anything from ikea LOL

it says made in the usa

crashedhope said...

daily duff hasnt been so daily lately. =P

the3L said...

jeremy fish is dope. one of my favorite artists...