Monday, December 22, 2008

gotta catch em all!

EVERYTIME I go to Starbucks, they NEVER have apple juice for the drink I want, so I always end up settling for something sub par....well not today...I swear, I felt like Ash Catchem from Pokemon...because I was able to get a Carmel Apple Cider!!


Friday, December 12, 2008

What a Good Week It's Been

On Tuesday I went over to Active and picked used my $50 Active Bucks that I had gotten from the Black Friday Sale. And picked up some Rubberized Vans Halfcabs, and only ended up coming outta pocket $20 and some change...very nice shoe, comfy as hell too, go pick some up!

On Wednesday, I took the day off work (No, not because it was Without a Gay Day), but because I had to go to court to see the judge about a REF ticket I had gotten back in September for my SR20 swap in my s14. Well long story short, I got the ticket dismissed and only had to pay the $10 correction fee. w00t!

On Thursday, the vinyl I had ordered on Saturday last week was just a sample roll of the vinyl that I plan to use on the trunk of my car, just to see how it came out and held up until I wrap and throw on the aero for the makeover its going through.

I also picked these up through a trade for some parts from my work...

Jordan 2008 Bred 4s

And black/white SB Blazers

Today (Friday) I took the ugly SE spoiler off the trunk I got, sanded down the overspray on it to make it smooth as possible, and with the help of my buddy Daniel, we were able to accomplish this sight of awesomeness (yeah I just said that)

Tomorrow (Saturday) I will be going to the Acrylick Clothing Holiday Warehouse sale in San Dimas, as well as possibly going to Costa Mesa to pick up a new bumper for the TSX from the dealer (thanks carlos!)...and then going to see Four Christmases with Jessica, Gus and Shannon, and possibly Marco and Laura

I'll give a full review of the movie and what we end up getting from the Acrylick Sale....

Song of the Day: Ludacris ft. Lil Wayne - Last of a Dying Breed

Shoes of the Day: Nike SB Blazers (pictured above, but incase u missed it, here it is again)

-Duff....I'm the last of a dying breed

Monday, December 8, 2008

Play With My Balls

Its that time of year again...i love xmas, family, friends, food...good times for sure

well this year is our first xmas in our new place, so OF COURSE we had to go out and get a xmas tree (none of that fake shit here son!), rockin that Douglas Fir from Home Depot

Also picked up 2 boxes of these bad boys (thinking green)...Philips LED 60 count xmas lights, as well as some OG "Balls" to hang (haha)

this is the finished product, compliments of Jessica's decorating taste and help from me by staying away, because otherwise it woulda been a huge mess

Shoes of the Day: Nike SB East Coast Lunars (im lazy so i googled a pic)

Song of the Day: Shiny Toy Guns - Ghost Town

-Duff....jingle my balls