Monday, December 8, 2008

Play With My Balls

Its that time of year again...i love xmas, family, friends, food...good times for sure

well this year is our first xmas in our new place, so OF COURSE we had to go out and get a xmas tree (none of that fake shit here son!), rockin that Douglas Fir from Home Depot

Also picked up 2 boxes of these bad boys (thinking green)...Philips LED 60 count xmas lights, as well as some OG "Balls" to hang (haha)

this is the finished product, compliments of Jessica's decorating taste and help from me by staying away, because otherwise it woulda been a huge mess

Shoes of the Day: Nike SB East Coast Lunars (im lazy so i googled a pic)

Song of the Day: Shiny Toy Guns - Ghost Town

-Duff....jingle my balls


Big Papa said...

nice tree, good job of trimming Jess!

crashedhope said...

awwwwe. love the tree.

we still need to put ours up.

maybe i'll post some pics on here too since all I do anymore is post quotes. haha.