Friday, December 12, 2008

What a Good Week It's Been

On Tuesday I went over to Active and picked used my $50 Active Bucks that I had gotten from the Black Friday Sale. And picked up some Rubberized Vans Halfcabs, and only ended up coming outta pocket $20 and some change...very nice shoe, comfy as hell too, go pick some up!

On Wednesday, I took the day off work (No, not because it was Without a Gay Day), but because I had to go to court to see the judge about a REF ticket I had gotten back in September for my SR20 swap in my s14. Well long story short, I got the ticket dismissed and only had to pay the $10 correction fee. w00t!

On Thursday, the vinyl I had ordered on Saturday last week was just a sample roll of the vinyl that I plan to use on the trunk of my car, just to see how it came out and held up until I wrap and throw on the aero for the makeover its going through.

I also picked these up through a trade for some parts from my work...

Jordan 2008 Bred 4s

And black/white SB Blazers

Today (Friday) I took the ugly SE spoiler off the trunk I got, sanded down the overspray on it to make it smooth as possible, and with the help of my buddy Daniel, we were able to accomplish this sight of awesomeness (yeah I just said that)

Tomorrow (Saturday) I will be going to the Acrylick Clothing Holiday Warehouse sale in San Dimas, as well as possibly going to Costa Mesa to pick up a new bumper for the TSX from the dealer (thanks carlos!)...and then going to see Four Christmases with Jessica, Gus and Shannon, and possibly Marco and Laura

I'll give a full review of the movie and what we end up getting from the Acrylick Sale....

Song of the Day: Ludacris ft. Lil Wayne - Last of a Dying Breed

Shoes of the Day: Nike SB Blazers (pictured above, but incase u missed it, here it is again)

-Duff....I'm the last of a dying breed

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