Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Crunch Time for '09

So with the new year in full effect, ive decided that its time for me to cut a little weight...ive never gone on a diet (obviously for those that know me personally) but ive taken a few helpful hints from a few people, and combined it into something that i feel is easy for me. Nothing too extreme, just no more eating for pleasure, and just eating as a means to fuel my body.

things ive cut from my diet:
-deli meats

replaced with:
-water (1 gallon per day)
-steamed chicken breasts
-brown rice
-whole grain wheat thins (for snacking throughout the day)

I even picked up a steamer/rice cooker yesterday at Target...so we'll see how this goes

Shoes of the Day: Nike SB Blazers

Song of the Day: Move.meant - Yesterday

-Duff....yesterday is gone

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crashedhope said...

deli meats are actually a lot more healthy and low in calories than you might think.

as long as you stick to turkey, chicken or lean ham, and depending on what you actually eat them with.

if you use wheat bread and skip the cheese and mayo, its pretty low in fat and calories. annnd it gives you a boost of protein and fiber which keeps you full longer. =)

< /food ramble >