Thursday, March 26, 2009

C's Garage

C's Garage out of Coatsville, New Zealand....brothers joel and adam, these guys do EVERYTHING here in their parents converted warehouse/garage...engine swaps, electical and even paint...

yellow s13 quick run down
RB powered
BNSports Aero w/dmax fenders
Work VX-SS 18x9.5/10.5 -10/-31

black s13 quick run down
SR powered
oem kouki aero w/koguchi hood
Volk TE37 17x9 +15 18x9.5 +12

both amazing cars, perfect styling and wheel fitment...and they love to drive the shit out of them

-Duff....moving to new zealand :P


137 said...

the yellow car I thought had BN sports aero.

DUFFM4N said...

you're right...its dmax fenders w/BN sport aero...i need to step up my aero game, i get my mindset on what im getting...and the rest doesnt mean shit to me lol