Friday, June 12, 2009


so i spent my night after work returning our Moss Green Nissan Cube to Performance Nissan Duarte (because they kept fucking shit up on the loan) and went over to West Covina Nissan....worked out another deal, and ended up in the same car (but with more options) for around the same price....

so here it is...our Scarlet Red Nissan Cube

quick run down:
Scarlet Red
6spd Manual Transmission
Black Interior
Factory optional aero package
blah blah blah.....

-Duff....i love my job so much, i take my cubical home with me


137 said...

nice, similar color to the s13, that green one was horrid.

137 said...

I meant, s14. forgive me it's 3am.

Jeff said...

That's badass Eddie! I wanna get a ride in it lol.