Monday, August 31, 2009

Kitchen Almost Done

I would say the kitchen is about 90% done, just a few small things that need to be done here n there...but I'd say it looks a lot better.





Do people really spend this much time in their kitchens that they need a TV in the refrigerator? Fridge was made by LG...and is a huge waste of $3700.



Here's the upstairs loft area, new couch/love seat and the old TV up here, had them install DISH box also gonna use it for movies/games. Still need to get some actual curtains or blinds for the windows up here, so the blanket is temporary to keep the glare off the tv


Saturday, August 29, 2009


Went to my parents house today to go pick up Meatball and bring him to the new house...fool was TRIPPIN! thinking he can take my seat...



super racist ass watermelon soda that i had today...



Installed a new stainless steel microwave today...took about an hour, most of that time was measuring and cutting some washers out of some solid aluminum




Friday, August 28, 2009

Funny Faces

Chloe loves her funny faces :P


Fisheye Test Pics

some test shots with the new lense...

my "fisheye" for the fisheye

mini Duff




My riser bars that i bought from some guy on lafixed came in today ($25 shipped w/Ourys)...btw, if anyone wants my flatbar w/black oury grips let me know, cuz these risers are getting my white grips i have already

(used the fisheye lol)



$5 fish eye/wide angle stick on lense for my iPhone...even if it sucks, then at least i didnt spend more than $5...



Quite a few fires going on in socal this of the closest ones right now is the fire in La Canada Flintridge. So not only is it hot outside (102) but its smokey/ashy as well

pics are compliments of Ernie aka Poop aka McLovin


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Tucked In

Did some clearing up and organizing in the garage, still need to do some more, but at least i got these in there...i used "Flash for Free" on my iPhone to brighten up the pic because it was dark as thats why its so grainy



little slow here's what i wore lol

black/red LA New Era Fitted
Armory x State of Mind Radio Tee
Dickie shorts
Jordan Phat Low 1s (black/red)


Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I've been disappointed twice by food places up here in the High Desert, so tonight's dinner I was determined to NOT get let down..

good thing I found THIS!

.....and it lead me to this!



Fire in the 626 that i caught some pics of on the way home from work


Tuesday, August 25, 2009


new garage door and opener were installed on monday...nothing fancy, but it gets the job done


Comfort Food

super shitty morning dealing with the cable company...didnt get to work till about 1:30pm (i start at 10am) so i needed something to lift my spirits...and what better, than L&L


7 Years Bad Luck?

....good thing i wasnt the one who broke it! still sucks though :(


Monday, August 24, 2009


Took the day off from work to get some things done around of which was get our new TV hung above the fireplace...came out perfect i think



my sister's cat Willow chillin on the couch being fat and lazy


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bike Ride

Went on a ride yesterday with my buddy Gil and a few of his friends...stopped at 2 taco stands, rode to Store13 in west covina....good times

Stop #1

Stop #2 (Store13)

Stop #3
Mulitas + JBs = YUMMY


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Motormavens x Nisei x Duffm4n

Some more pics from Nisei on Saturday compliments of Motormavens, as well as some nice words from Antonio Alvendia

check out the rest of it here: Motormavens Nisei Coverage



So I got a little sunburn from the show on saturday, but what i didnt notice until this morning was that the stamp that they put on my hand actually burned onto my can still fuckin read the damn thing!


Monday, August 17, 2009

Meet Buzz

The newest addition to our family...Buzz Lightyear


House Update

some of you that know me personally, know that jessica and i have been looking to purchase a house for quite some time now...well we finally were able to get a house, and escrow closes tomorrow (8/18) we got in there this weekend with some family to help and painted some things

Family Room...cant wait to throw a TV above that fireplace

Kitchen...the white cabinets really make it pop

Family room...almost done, just need to line up the corner where it meets the other wall


SpeedHunters x Nisei x Duffm4n

Got mad love from Mike Garrett over at SpeedHunters from his coverage of Nisei...

here's the link if u wanna check out the rest of the pics SPEEDHUNTERS x Nisei


Friday, August 14, 2009


Small crazy game of Quarters last night at The Hat...peep this AMAZING shot (closest to the line without going passed)

and some of my winnings


The Hat

went to The Hat in Upland last night with the usual suspects to grab some food like every thursday night...I ate a Pastrami Burger, shit is CRACK!...few pics of who went inside with me to grab food at the time

asher roth aka irish cream aka Kyle

HA-SON aka Tornado aka Jason

Ree aka Lee aka Elias