Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Shine on, Diamond Eyes...

takin it back with this one...


Monday, October 26, 2009


I remember

...love this track


Mr. ET


haha, thanks Jessica


Simpsons x Kidrobot

Kidrobot and Simpsons creator Matt Groening got together once again for some 6inch figures this time. There was a choice between a blind box Kang or Kodos....and a Ralph Wiggum figure. I decided to go with the blind box, seeing as how its more exciting not knowing what I get.

very pleased with the results :D


Hon Sushi

Hon Sushi in Old Town Monrovia...I highly suggest checking this place out, all you can eat special for $24.95 and the AYCE menu is very legit...even got hooked up with some free sake shots from Sushi James!

here are the few shots of food that were able to get taken before things got devoured


Nord's Rack

Hit up Nordstrom's Rack in Ontario, went to browse around, and it turned into a mini fashion show with Marco and Jesus...


La Bomba

Rolled over the homie David's house on thursday to drop off some parts for his car, and pick up some stuff from him...His dad just got a new/old school A/C unit for his truck that he's working on...this thing is AMAZING, I just wanna steal it everytime I'm over there.

here are some pics I took with my iPhone, fucking around with David's fisheye off his old canon powershot


Chromeo x Playboy

anyone wanna buy me this Chromeo shirt by Playboy?...XXL, kthnxbye.com (if you went to that site, slap yourself lol) but if u really wanna get it for me...www.playboystore.com


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


can totally relate to these lyrics...thanks Ernie! <3


Monday, October 19, 2009


Havn't heard this one in a while...



Breakfast and Snacks to last me through the day...

-50oz Aloe calpico
-Nutrigrain Bars x 2
-Spicy tuna rice trangles x 2


Violent Running Ride?

Met up with everyone (well almost everyone) yesterday for a little VRT Bike Ride in Ontario -> Chino...all in all, it was a success...here are some pics, compliments of Mora


1337 Vet

funny license plate I saw


Store XIII

Went over to Store13 saturday morning, picked up a few things, as well as this store fitted...


Welcome Home Buzz!

After installing the rack, I went and picked up Buzz Lightyear, since he was ready to come home from the vet...he looks MUCH better!


Early Friday

Got outta work early friday, came home and installed the bike rack on the Cube...came out pretty legit if I say so myself


Friday, October 16, 2009

Night By Night

new Chromeo track I heard last week...super fresh


Thursday, October 15, 2009


After chillin at the coffee spot, started going home and this place just TOTALLY called to me...straight to the point

XL Pho w/chicken and rare beef

spring rolls


Avocado Smoothie

Went to go drop off some aero in Garden Grove last night, dude owned a vietnamese coffee shop...hooked me up with an avocado smoothie....SO BOMB


Got My Vans On...

Hit up that new Nordstrom's Rack in Pasadena yesterday after work....picked up some Vans Syndicate Halfcabs for myself and 2 pairs of slip ons for Chloe.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Basicali "Nobody Cares" video

link compliments of Acrylick:Blog

BASICALI - Nobody Cares from Reza & Co on Vimeo.



Monopoly time at McDonalds....and iuno, but is it me? Or did this sign make u laugh too? (all my filipino homies out there know what im talkin about! lol)

Had a large OJ, hashbrown and yogurt parfait...


24HR Donuts

Hit up Rose's Donuts in Temple City after the movie....love this place, the Ham and Cheese croissants are fucking AMAZING...and I THINK my donut was good too, but I wouldnt know since SOOOOOOOOMEONE ate most of it before I could....


Bubba Gump

Arrived a bit early at City Walk, so we hit up Bubba Gump for a quick drink....mine lights up! (but i didnt get to keep the cup)


CityWalk x Paranormal Activity

Hit up Universal City Walk last night to go watch Paranormal Activity with my sisters, Lesley and a bunch of their co-workers...shit was fucking riiiiiiiidiculous, i said i would never see this movie...but free tickets are free tickets :x


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Hit up In-N-Out with Lesley for a late lunch today...shit was bomb, and the rain stopped just in time for us to eat outside

She insisted on keeping her identity hidden...she's a super hero by night

woulda taken a pic of the food, but we ate it too fast


Funny Faces Morning

Chloe said that today was Funny Faces Morning....she reminds me more of me everyday, lets hope thats not the case lol


Joey's Pizza

Went on a ride last night out in Ontario with Marco and Lee, we ended up at Joey's Pizza on the way back...hung out for a bit, ate...and went home



Went to the vet to go visit Buzz Lightyear and see how he's doing, much better (although u cant tell by the pic) but he was actually wagging his tail when he saw me...1-2 more days and he should be able to come home.



So those extra goodies I got over at West Covina Nissan were some window visors for the Cube, compliments of Ray (Thanks for the hook up!)


Oil Change

Got outta work early, so took the Cube over to West Covina Nissan to get a MUCH needed/overdue oil change. walked outta there with some extra goodies as well...