Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I get this message today...

(2:12:33 PM) ypc_hen: man you dont ever post!
(2:12:34 PM) ypc_hen: ahahhaah
(2:25:12 PM) Me: on my blog?
(2:26:43 PM) ypc_hen: lol
(2:26:43 PM) ypc_hen: yeah
(2:27:01 PM) Me: haha
(2:27:02 PM) Me: ill post up
(2:27:04 PM) Me: just for you
(2:27:07 PM) ypc_hen: haha fo sho!

so this one's for henry...so what better way, then to post some pics of his corolla he's building...

the world's strongest man, building the worlds HARDEST corolla :P



MaDatThAt said...

I love the fact that my "homie" Henry has not come to SD to visit me, NOR does he holler at me on aim... didn't even know he had a new aim SN... what a nice guy...

Henry said...

AWWW come one B...thats my Yahoo messenger at work...I love you though...so that should clear everything up..HAHAHA :)

DUFFM4N said...

Henry...SD trip? make it happen, im down